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Posted by Sonia Greig

The art of creating the perfect cheese platter...

At Lemongrass & Aubergine, we love cheese with passion, we love cheese knives and we love cheese boards.

You can have cheese between main course and dessert or have cheese for a snack and my personal favourite is a meal of only cheese. Cheese a big part of the meal in France and personally I like to display it nicely for the pleasure of both eyes and mouth.

Depending on the number of guests and the number of dishes you are serving, you'll need at least three different types of cheese : 1 hard, 1 soft, 1 strong. Count about 50 to 60 g per person and more if it's the only "Piece de Resistance" (main dish in French) of your meal. Mix the textures of the cheeses to make your cheese board more appealing.

Choose 3 or more from this list : 1 blue cheese like Roquefort or Stilton or Gorgonzola ; 1 creamy cheese like Saint-Felicien, Saint- Marcellin, a very soft Camembert or Brie ; 1 goat cheese like Crottin de Chavignol, Chabichou, Sainte-Maure, Rocamadour ; 1 sheep's cheese like Manchego, Ossau-Iraty, Perail.. : 1 medium cheese like Morbier, Saint-Nectaire, Reblochon, 1 hard cheese like Comte, Gruyere, Emmental, Parmesan, Cheddar...

Presentation is crucial when you elaborate a Cheese Board, so don't hesitate to add some dried and fresh fruits, nuts, olives, jam, chutney and even some cold cuts, vegetables and dips, olives, if cheese is your meal.

The choice of the board is important too, and the size depends on the number of cheeses you are offering to your guests. Try to avoid metal boards as they give a slight taste to the cheese. Prefer a natural material like wood, marble or slate.

Now, no cheese without bread and crackers. In France we tend to offer only bread but living in Singapore for 13 years and mixing with the international community, I always propose a variety of bread sticks and crackers in addition.

Finally last but not least, the best friend of cheese ( and mine too :-) ) after bread is wine.

It's great if you can pair the wine with each category of cheese, but it will be for another post. For today I would say to offer some Chardonnay  which will go well with soft cheeses and also young Comte, a Dry white wine  for the hard cheeses and champagne for a Chaource..... But above all, propose the wine you like to share with your guests and enjoy drinking it with your lovely cheese platter.

Some examples of presentation:

"The Tropical platter" is rich in colours and items - use natural leaves, flowers..

Giant cheese board from HK Living - Cheese knives model Tiare from Sabre Paris - Glassware from Love Plate - Candle from Lafco. All available at Lemongrass & Aubergine

The Manly Platter - more minimalist .

Marble cheese board from HK living - Cheese knives model Nature black from Sabre Paris. All available at Lemongrass & Aubergine

"The girls at home tonight"" platter -

Wooden round board from HK Living - Cheese knife model Gustave Glitter from Sabre Paris - Glasses from Love Plates.

All available at Lemongrass & Aubergine


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